We may be short of chairs.

Is that a friend of yours?


We have a community with wonderful people.

Why didn't you ask for permission?

I'm going to the center of town.

Fight fire with fire.

In labor negotiation union leaders play an important role.

The bad weather kept me from leaving.

Foreigners astound me.

"Can you hear me now?" "No, I can't hear you! There's a waterfall nearby."

The teacher wrote something on the blackboard, but it was too small for me to read.

Who owns this ship?

His wife is in the hospital because she was injured in a car crash.

It was no good persuading my sister to give up.

Do you already know whether you will go to the beach afterwards, and, if yes, when?

I would like to thank you in advance for any help that you are able to give her.

Jenine waited until Harvey was finished before he started talking.

The pump didn't work properly.

Something funny is always happening in our class.

Pratt left his key on the desk, as he usually does.

I was guided by my instincts.

Do you want those chocolates?

Why is Peter going with him to the picnic?

You now have my full attention.

It is not evident whether the police followed the usual search procedures.

Urs is off today.

We're doing everything we can, OK?

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It will go hard with him if he is found out.

"Turn there." "Where?"

They know the system.

We must be leaving now.

Angels guard and guide us.

The cold north wind turned the leaves brown.

I rescued Johan.


I don't think this was such a good idea.

What are you doing here in Boston?

I think you ought to leave.


She absented herself from the lesson.

Virginia, a wife should have no secrets from her husband.

Who is looking up into the sky?

We sat over a fire.

The guests caught him in his pajamas.

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Andrew is the team's best scorer.

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Anyone who is unwilling to read does not understand the joy of reading.

Soccer is more popular than baseball.

It'll be dark by the time Del gets there.

Melanie knows the truth.

Rees is shivering.

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There is not a lot of foot traffic in this area so far as I have seen.

Do you want to come over after work?

I'm sorry I made you cry yesterday.

They broke down the house.

Pat is allergic to fish.

Manavendra wanted to wear his new shoes.

The government will provide interest-free loans to firms that participate in the program.

What's its fiscal status?

The doctor performed a difficult operation.


To him wealth is the great prize in life.

Joel has lost a lot of hair since the last time I saw him.

Would you like to see it again?

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I thought that was your job.

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She is disgusted with the job.

It was springtime... and everything was quiet and peaceful in the country.

You arrived too early.

Wait a minute! Hang on!

There's something I need to say to you.

The square of nine is eighty-one.

You know you want it to happen as much as I do.


Romain doesn't seem to be in a hurry.

Cristopher made these for you.

I don't want to go Boston with Sanjeev.

The boy was all but drowned.

Have you done this kind of thing before?

I think overestimating the people masterminding that conspiracy is exactly what they want.

I was in a better mood three hours ago.

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Hwa wanted to open the box right away, but I suggested we wait until Donne got here.

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Cory is the man Honzo met the other day.

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It's hidden under the bed.

We were nearly frozen to death.

It's time for children to go to bed.

When I last saw Elias he was just a babe in arms.

Siegurd undressed and got in the bathtub.

Mr Brown speaks Japanese very well.

He has been to England twice.


It was nice of them to help.


Bring Morris along.

Is your watch right?

Do you want her?

Why do you have only two cars?

Is Randy left-handed?

You'll have to handle it alone.

That young man is very keen on cycling.

Where do I put my bags?

I hope we don't miss it.

When did you start smoking?

How is that funny?

I'm glad someone told me what to do.

The ship is not equipped with radar.

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Look at that pretty little girl.

I'm pretty sure that Juergen is feeling better today than yesterday.

It would be ridiculous to spend all their money.


That mountain is about three thousand meters high.

Can you get me some water?

What ails you?

He would sometimes study late at night when young.

Don't you guys feel great?

You and me have never heard that song again.

The answers are both incorrect.

I suggest that we leave now, Rolf.

The paradise was in my heart.


I'm sure we can trust them.

The hotel told Pilar that no more rooms were available at the price that was advertised in the paper.

Are you getting along with your work?


Dieter is getting ready to go to work.

The Karakoram separates China from Pakistan.

Our school adopted his teaching methods.


Alcohol doesn't solve any problems.


I, on the other hand, prefer sweets.

Hsuan needs a shower.

The detective has a lot of adventures.

I already feel relaxed.

According to the trip's itinerary, we will go to the British Museum on Monday.

So Dolkun's come as well!

Is this your office?

Francis Crick was one of the discoverers of DNA's structure.

The truth is bobbing up.

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The bride remains silent out of respect for her new parents-in-laws.

I'm surprised this didn't come up sooner.

I think he did it.

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She comes home at about six as a rule.


You wouldn't survive.


May I bring my family along?

I'm glad you will visit Tokyo next month.

Your time will come soon.

Jason is the least sensitive person Raghu knows. Every time she talks with him, he hurts her feelings, unintentionally, and without noticing.

This medicine has no harmful side-effects.


His parents ran a hotel.

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She explained her reasons to us.

They tell what Jesus Christ did and said, and what others did and said to him.

Dan didn't have any empathy whatsoever to any human being.

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How are things with you?

You're too young to remember the nineties.

Most passengers were hardly injured.

She seemed very surprised when I told her about it.

When I got to his house, he had already been taken away.

It's not really my cup of tea.

When I woke up, the day was breaking.

I had to give Cindy time to think about it.

Tal wanted to be like his brother, Ken.

I've never seen him laugh.

The English sentence is the original one.

We don't know which disaster will strike first.

My aunt is coming to Tokyo tomorrow.

I'm definitely better now.

She informed me of her departure.

Jacques can't remember the last time he ate dinner with his family.

Perhaps we'll meet again.

Tahsin, I thought I told you to clean your room!

He ran away at the sight of the policeman.


I can't imagine my life without her.

I have to go, otherwise I'll arrive late.

Did you go to Liber's party last Saturday?

I didn't expect it to cost so much.

He's her beau now.

You knew me, didn't you?

Do you even know who Micheal is?

She writes Chinese.

We depended on the newspapers for information about it.

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We all loved Sekar.